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What exactly is meant by a bad credit score?

A bad credit score is referred to as less than 620 according to the FICO credit scoring system. The system is set up to look at your past payment records, your history of bounced checks and the amount of money you currently owe. If you’ve always paid your bills on time and don’t have a lot of debt now, you should have a pretty good score. If you typically pay bills late, or you went through a period in the past when you couldn’t pay bills, your score could be less that 620 and considered a bad credit score.

Is it true that the credit score is important?

If you want to get credit or acquire a loan, then your credit score can make a big difference. If you have a good credit score, then the lender will see that you pay bills on time and don’t owe too much money to anyone. The lender will not be at risk to give you another loan or issue you credit with a good score. However, the opposite can be true if you have a bad credit score. A lender will be afraid you won’t pay your bills, so might be reluctant to offer you additional credit. When you submit your request to Marvel Bad Credit Loans, we will forward your request to lenders who welcome all credit types.

Will I be able to get a fast loan with bad credit?

At Marvel Bad Credit Loans, we want to help you find a lender who will accept your request no matter what type of credit score you have. We have a large network of lenders and they accept inquiries from a variety of credit types. Whatever your situation is now, if you need a fast reply to your request for a quick loan, contact us today.

I want to improve my credit rating. How can I do it?

Usually credit scores are keyed as bad by FICO because you didn’t make payments when they were due, you didn’t pay loans at all or you hold too much debt. By reversing those habits, you should be able to improve your credit score. What this means is that if you didn’t pay bills on time in the past, start paying them by their due date now. If you have loans that you defaulted on, contact the lender and make arrangements to take care of that. If you owe a lot of money to lenders now, do what you can to bring that amount down. These are steps that should improve your bad credit score.

Is there someone I can turn to for help in repairing my bad credit status?

If you’ve tried to improve your credit score on your own and didn’t succeed, you can turn to a financial professional for help. This could be a private person who offers financial counseling or a professional organization. Check them out by reading online reviews or getting recommendations from friends. Let them check into your past payment history and give you tips that will get your credit rating on a better path.

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